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Our understanding of quality care is informed by the totality of a patient’s experience at the hospital, from their first contact with the institution to their last appointment. Patient satisfaction lies at the heart of our strategic goals, which is why our top priority remains to gain accreditation by Joint Commission International (JCI), an accreditation that is considered the gold standard in global healthcare and that is based on quality and safety across all clinical and management functions.

1 ) This year, updating and renewing of the intensive care unit ( I.C.U. ) was done by getting new monitors and ventilators

2 ) The additional department is added to the hospital by the opening of the  ” cardiac catheter lab ” for coronary diseased patients

3 ) new era of target therapy ” for cancer patient ” is now available with the chemotherapy

4 ) Renewing of the   ” east wing ”  In-patient section enhancing the best hospitality, residence, and comfort t our patients

5 ) A big ceremony was initiated in Japanese Embassy celebrating the honor ship of Dr. Nader Grace  as given the ”  Rising sun, Gold and Silver Rays award ” for his effort and medical advice for Japanese citizens in Egypt

6 ) new kidney dialyzes department will be ready soon for kidney disease and Haemodialysis

7 ) new accident and emergency unit accept all types of emergencies 24 /7.

8 ) new overall landscaping of the site .

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