Dr.Halim Grace

he was born, in the county side, of Upper Egypt, at October 21, 1910, in a family of farmers,
his family considered him, looser even “failure ” he was the only one did not make it,  as ” Falah ” farmer and did not work in agriculture, so he became one of the eminent doctors,  one of the greatest surgeons in Egypt.
(  prof doctor Halim grace  ) he used to say, “surgery either to kill or o cure ”

One of the colleague’s world-class surgeons; one of the fathers of surgery, in Egypt .he possesses booming personality, with a vile temper, positive person, never hesitate, what he thinks is to be done, must be done.
he used to say the right regardless who is in front of him, for that he was a well respected person, working for the sake of the patient.

He graduated the top of his class in 1934, from El kasr el Einy school of medicine.
working his way through all departments, and taking charge of his owner of 120 beds inpatient department.
By 1974 that is 35 years of surgery, he counted more than 34000 operations, with details of every single surgery he performed, and commenting over any failure he faced accordingly.
He was given an honorary fellowship, from ” London Royal college of surgeons,  ” then the R C S gave him the fellowship of achievement.

He was active also in the medical syndicate, as he raised the prestige of the doctors, and the profession, though a committee of discipline
his life was connected with ” Anglo American Hospital ” it was his home, not the second home,
he became after that chairman of the board of the hospital.

This hospital is a landmark hospital in the island of Zamalek, was built in March 3rd 1903, when the British wanted a hospital for their people, so Lord Cromer in 1901, asked the government a piece of land,  about 8000 square meters,  part of ”  Gezira sporting club ” which was called  ” khedivial sporting club ” at that time ; a social ground for British officers, and for selected Egyptian dignitaries as honorary members, where  Dr. Halim Grace was one of them .
the cost of the land was L. E. 1600, then to raise the funds, a meeting of donation done in Shepheard hotel. the hospital was opened in 1903.

By 1940 The British wanted an Egyptian consultant with two British practitioners Walter Hamilton and Charles king that was, Dr. Halim grace as surgeon of the hospital acting as an emergency backup when there was a need. After Suez war the hospital was sequestrated, the British left and the French left ., the Egyptian air force took over the hospital for five days, where a telephone call to Dr. Halim grace to take over the hospital without a second thought.
The hospital was indebted of L. E. 15000 and needed more than L. E. 6363 to rebuild.
Dr. grace brought with him, a team included Dr. Salah Eissa and Dr. Samir Masoud, they were very helpful,  the hospital,  grew fast from six beds, up to 110 beds today.

The hospital now, includes complement departments and specialties, a cat scan modern lab ultrasound.
He loved the profession, and the hospital, for his life, absolutely it was his home.

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