‘What is wrong with you?’: How ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ became TV’s worst-kept secrets

In the fall of 2008, ABC’s hit drama Battlestar launched with its first season, with a new protagonist, the sexy and talented Skylar Spence (played by Jennifer Morrison), and the promise of a darker and more serious follow-up.

The series had a small cult following among the young female viewers who liked the gritty, gritty crime drama.

It had a few successes.

In the first season of season two, the show was able to break into the top three in the ratings.

In 2011, the cast was able with a fourth season to earn the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for its portrayal of an elite female cadet who is assigned to a secret military unit.

And in 2012, Battlestars popularity was on the rise, with two spin-off series based on the show, Battlerings and Battlestas, and a third, Battlers, about a young female cadets who find themselves in a secret war against a powerful force of evil.

In 2013, the series was renewed for a fifth season and was renewed again for a sixth.

It didn’t take long for the show to be criticized for its “cannon-fodder” and “inaccurate” descriptions of its heroine.

And it wasn’t just critics who were concerned.

For the most part, the writers, actors and producers of the show seemed to have forgotten about the series’ central problem: its plot.

In a typical episode, the female caders (known as “Spence,” “Mama” or “Tara”) and their male colleagues (known by their “Battles” nickname, “Tyson” or more commonly, “Bots”) go on an epic battle with the evil forces of the evil Baron (played onscreen by John de Lancie), a leader of the military-industrial complex, and his secret army, the “Matter” Brigade.

During the battle, the girls have to escape from a secret underground facility, known as the “Honeywell,” where they are secretly trained in the use of various weaponry and weapons systems.

As the episode progresses, they learn that the Baron is manipulating his people to wage a war against the rest of the world, and that the people of Earth are also being manipulated.

It is only when the girls finally get away from the “Berserkers” (or the “Badgers” as they are called onscreen) who have infiltrated the facility that the show really begins to unravel.

The writers’ attention to detail was such that in the third season, it was revealed that the “Gadget” of the series, the infamous “Batch of Fists,” was actually a piece of technology the girls had used to battle the Baron.

The show also failed to fully engage the audience, instead focusing on the male cadets’ exploits, the plot and the characters, and not on the girls.

(In addition to the constant description of the “gadgets,” the show also referred to the “Sneakers” and the “Fights” as “Boys.”)

It was, however, important to keep in mind that the female characters in Battlestares third season were not necessarily a bad thing.

There are some women on Battlestaris crew who are not necessarily evil, and there are some men who are in the same boat.

What’s more, the creators of Battlestarc had not completely forgotten about Battlestartans problems with violence and sex.

The most recent episode of Battles revealed that some of the female “Sleuths” who work for the Baron were involved in a series of brutal sex acts that included sexual abuse, mutilation, torture and even murder.

In one of the scenes, the women are filmed having sex with one another while the camera zooms out, and the men are shown onscreen as if they are watching from the sidelines.

The female “Spences” were also depicted as not being the most sexually active of the women on the Battlestarr crew, despite being assigned to the secret military division.

They had to fight their own battles to keep their sanity.

But it wasn, of course, the most important of the problems.

In addition to its sexual content, the episode revealed that one of Battle’s characters, the mysterious and sexy Dr. Jax (played with great skill by Robert Downey Jr.), had been diagnosed with “sexually transmitted diseases.”

The episode also showed that the series did not make an effort to address other major problems the series encountered in the second season, including the lack of a central villain and the show’s depiction of the villainous Baron.

And while the show did not go into details about the plot, the characters who were played by both male and female actors were also described as “fierce,” “chivalrous” and, most importantly, “dignified.” The show


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