How a nurse’s survival skills helped save the life of a newborn

After being shot in the head and lying unconscious for more than four hours, a woman’s survival instinct was able to save the lives of two newborns, a nursing home nurse and a man who was being restrained at a New York hospital.

The baby was named after a nurse in China who saved her life and the nursing home where the man was being held, according to the New York Post.

The woman, a nurse named Song Zhen, has been named a hero in China for her bravery during the incident, the Post reported.

A woman’s instinct to help others can make or break a life, said a doctor at the nursing center where Song worked.

She was able, “by her own act of bravery, to save his life, because of her own natural instincts,” said Dr. Zhang Jiefang, the head of the nursing practice at Yangzhou Hospital, according the Post.

Song Zhan was shot at the Yangzhou Nursing Home on Nov. 4, and was transported to a hospital in New York City where she remained in critical condition until the end of December, according CNN.

Song, who had been in the nursing business for 16 years, said the shooting happened in a residential complex in the Bronx, according reports.

She said she went to the nursing unit to see what happened and saw her boss, a patient named Zhang, being held down.

She told him that her colleagues were coming to take care of him, so she grabbed a weapon from her coat and started firing at them.

The man in question was in a wheel chair and the woman, who was armed, told the woman to get the gun away from her and run.

She got the gun and fired a round at Zhang and the two of them went to another room.

After the shooting, she called her superiors to come to the room, she told the New Times.

The nurse who had saved Song’s life told the newspaper that Song Zheng is a “hero in China” who was “very brave” and “she is a hero,” the paper reported.

Song said the man who attacked her was in his 30s and that he was mentally disturbed, the New Post reported, adding that he had been held at the hospital for a while before being released and was still being held there.

“I don’t know why he was there, but I know he didn’t do anything wrong,” Song Zhe said.

The shooting is the latest in a string of such incidents in New Yorkers hospitals that has left doctors and nurses fearing for their safety.

In January, a New Jersey hospital worker was shot and killed while trying to treat a patient who was dying from a brain aneurysm.

In February, a man and his mother were killed when they tried to save a mother and her daughter from an apartment building fire.

In March, a resident of a nursing facility was killed when he tried to help two patients from a burning building.

In November, a fire broke out at a hospital at the end the year, killing five people and injuring several others.

In December, a baby was shot in a nursing room while a woman was being detained at the emergency room, according records obtained by ABC News.


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