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A group of flower hospitals in Mumbai is demanding better security for its staff and the health ministry for its upcoming festival, which they say will lead to the death of one of its staff.

“This is a big festival, it is going to be a big event and the flower hospital needs to be ready to cope with it,” Dr. Satish Kumar told NDTV.

He added that it is not a matter of if they would suffer, but when, because the police are not doing anything.

“We have asked them to come and take care of us, but they are not there, so what can we do?” he said.

Kumar said the hospital had received complaints of people dying from inhaling the flowers and the flowers themselves, but that the government should provide more security.

He also said that the health department should take responsibility for the safety of the staff and provide them with adequate food.

The flowers hospital, in the outskirts of Mumbai, has asked the government to provide more than Rs.50 lakh for the festival, with the money to be paid by the flower shops and restaurants.

The festival, slated to be held from January 28 to March 3, is expected to attract around 1 million people.

It has raised fears of terrorism after a suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside the hospital on Wednesday.

A few hours after the blast, police cordoned off the area, with a large police presence.

The police said a bomb squad had recovered the bomb and was searching for others.


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