Israeli police: 3 injured in explosion at Bryn Mawr hospital

Israeli police on Sunday arrested two men in connection with an explosion at a hospital in the northern Israeli city of Bryn.

The explosion occurred Saturday evening, at Berenice Hospital, near the northern city of Nazareth, at about 6:20 p.m. local time, and left three people injured, a police spokesman said.

The men were identified as a 40-year-old Israeli-Israeli and a 37-year old Israeli-Arab.

The police said they were arrested after they were found with the bombs.

Bryn Mawrs police said that the two suspects were not in custody at the time of the explosion, and that the hospital had been closed to the public for several days due to the threat of an explosion.

The hospital had no information on how many people were at the facility at the point of the blast.

The incident comes a few weeks after two Israelis were killed in a bomb blast at a nearby hospital.

On Sunday, Israeli forces raided the homes of two Israelis and an Arab man, in connection to the explosion.

They confiscated the devices, including a pressure cooker bomb, and found that the suspects had been living in them.

The bomb was believed to be a pressure cooker, and it was not immediately clear whether the suspects were planning further attacks.

Israel has not reported any arrests or injuries.


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