Emergency medical evacuation to take place in hospital after glens Falls hospital fire

The Emergency Medical Association of India (EMAI) said the state government will dispatch the state’s Ambulance and Medical Services (AMSS) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) to take care of the medical evacuation of patients at Glens Falls Hospital, after the blaze at the hospital’s compound was put out by firefighting teams.

The blaze started at 6.30am and lasted for over three hours.

Emergency medical personnel were called to the compound at around 6.45am, but it was closed after the fire was put down.

Ambulance officials said they received a call from a patient who was at the compound, which has a capacity of 10,000.

The patient had come from Bengaluru for medical treatment.

They said the patient was taken to the nearest hospital and was admitted.

The Ambulances personnel, who were taking care of a patient at the scene, were told by the hospital that it was time to evacuate the patients.

They were also told by a team of firefighters that it would take about two hours to evacuate them.

The fire was extinguished by 11am.

The district hospital and the ambulance service have been ordered to evacuate patients.

Ambula Devi, an ambulance driver, said she had seen people at the site of the fire in the morning and evening.

“I heard that ambulances and fire teams were called in to take the patients out of the compound,” she said.

“We are at the spot for the fire.

If the fire breaks out again, the patients will have to be evacuated.

This is the only hospital in the city,” she added.

Ambulas Devi said the fire started when a patient arrived from Bengalururu.

“The patients were rushed out and put in ambulances.

I saw the patients lying in the open while some of them were crying,” she claimed.

“It is our duty to take our patients out as soon as we can,” she further said.

A number of other fire engines were called out to help.

“People are still being evacuated at the fire station,” she alleged.

“There is a huge number of patients that have come from various hospitals in the area.

I have to take my own care of these patients,” she clarified.

“When we get to the fire department, we will be taking our patients and taking them out to safety,” Ambulas Devi told The Times Of India.


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