When the US goes to the Moon: NASA’s lunar exploration effort in the making

The US military’s lunar landing program has taken a big step forward this week.

The agency has landed the first human on the moon, marking the first time in more than 60 years that a US astronaut has made such a step.

This is a huge achievement for the US, which has spent more than $1 trillion on its manned space program.

The US spent more on its moon program than all the countries combined.

But this is the first American landing on the lunar surface.

Nasa astronaut Michael Collins landed on the Moon on May 20, 2020.

NASA’s mission to send humans to the moon began in the mid-1950s, when an American space program called the Space Shuttle launched the first two astronauts on the journey.

The next year, the US launched the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX), which began the development of a commercial lunar mission called the Dragon spacecraft.

In the years that followed, NASA contracted companies like SpaceX and Boeing to build the Space Launch System rocket that would lift humans into orbit and launch them into low-Earth orbit.

The first two space shuttles carried astronauts to the space station in 2001.

This mission took more than six years, and NASA spent $3.3 trillion on the program.

But NASA’s missions have come to an end in 2018.

The program has come to a halt because of budget cuts imposed by Congress.

But the agency has been able to resume its efforts this year.

In 2021, the agency plans to launch its first astronauts to Mars.

The mission will cost at least $2.9 billion, and it will take NASA five years to reach Mars.

After that, the NASA team will focus on building a habitat on the Red Planet, an outpost on the ocean floor, and a crewed mission to explore Europa, a moon of Jupiter.

Nasa is also developing a crew capsule called Orion that will carry astronauts into deep space, and there are also plans for a lunar mission that would take astronauts to asteroids and the moon.


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