How to treat a patient with a head injury in the UK

The NHS has warned that the coronavirus has left thousands of British citizens with head injuries, including people who were previously in a coma.

The government said it has now received more than 30,000 reports of head injuries among British patients since the virus began to circulate in the country.

The number of patients receiving a head CT scan was down by nearly a third, from 17,957 in April to 11,927 in May.

It is the second consecutive month the number of CT scans has been reduced.

The number of people with a CT scan in England and Wales has fallen by more than 50% in a month, while the number with a scan in Wales has dropped by 30%.

The head CT has been the most commonly prescribed CT scan, but a number of other types of CT scanning have been available in recent months.

In the past week, a number have also been offered to the general public.

However, the government said the head CT is still the safest form of treatment.

In a statement, the Royal College of Physicians said: “Although it is important to continue to monitor for the virus, there is currently no evidence to suggest that the benefits of head CT scanning outweigh the risks.”CT scan is currently the most frequently prescribed CT scanning in England, and it is not likely that the risk of serious brain injury will be reduced by the use of CT scan.

“There is no evidence that CT scanning reduces the risk for serious brain injuries.

The RCP has said that a person with a brain injury should not undergo CT scan for longer than a few hours.

The UK’s coronaviruses have been linked to serious health problems including brain damage, respiratory problems and severe infections.

There is also concern that coronaviral infections could be spreading from people to others.


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