How to Make Your Own Sunset Hospital in Fallout 4

The most iconic hospital in Fallout 3 has a new home, a new job, and a new name.

The Sunset Hospital is an area in the Capital Wasteland, just south of the town of Big MT.

The hospital is located in a small area in a desert area and has been renamed.

The hospital has a full medical suite, a small laboratory, and some equipment.

The name comes from the fact that the location is just a few miles from the capital, but the hospital is named in honor of the capital’s namesake, the Sunset Strip.

Sunset Hospital has a total of four locations that can be visited at any time.

The first two locations are just north of BigMT.

The third location is in the area of the city of Fort Bridger, just west of the Capital.

The fourth location is located inside the Capital’s own Mojave Outpost.

When you’re inside the Sunset Hospital, you’ll find the following options.

The second option is a short walk to the south of BigMt.

The center option is directly to the west of Big Mts main entrance, which leads to the first area of Fallout 4.

The location is the home of a group of ghouls called the Brotherhood of Steel.

The main entrance is a little bit behind the main gate, and the area where you first enter is covered in ghoul corpses.

The only way to reach the main entrance from the Capital is to have a companion.

The main entrance to the Sunset Tower is the only one that leads into the Sunset Wasteland.

If you’re playing as an individual character, you won’t be able to leave the Capital City to go to the main tower.

The Sunset Tower has a central elevator that can take you up to the top of the tower.

You can use this elevator to access a side area of Big Mountain.

It’s possible to use the elevator to go up to Big MT, but that’s not recommended.

The elevator is accessible by using a shortcut that leads up to Fort Bridgers main entrance.

It can take some time to get to the next level, but you can reach the elevator in just under 15 minutes.

If there’s no time to reach Fort Bridgs main entrance before the end of the day, you can get to it via a shortcut at the base of Big Mount.

The final option to the north of the Sunset Mountain entrance is Fort Bridgeman.

It is just beyond the Capital city limits, just east of the bridge connecting Fort Bridging to Big Mountain and the Capital, and just north-east of the Mojave Wasteland.

It has two elevators, and if you have the right perk you can use one of them to go down to the bridge.

The bridge connecting Big Mountain to Fort bridging is the largest bridge in the Mojavu Wasteland, and it’s the most visible sign of the Commonwealth.

It also serves as a checkpoint for the Capital Military.

You should have plenty of time to visit this bridge before dawn.

There’s a few different ways to get up to it.

You’ll need to use a shortcut.

If the shortcut is easy enough, you might be able get up the bridge by walking the shortcut and getting off at the main intersection with Big Mountain, and then climbing the hill that leads to Fort Buckner.

You won’t need to jump over the cliff to get there.

If that’s a little harder, you may have to make some clever use of your Pip-Boy to get across the cliff.

Alternatively, if you’re lucky, you could take a ladder to the middle of the cliff and walk it down.

The easiest way to get past the ramp on the side of the ramp is to use some sort of shortcut, but it’s not as easy as climbing the cliff that leads back up to Mount St. Helens.

The ramp that leads from Fort Bridgie to the Big MT entrance is also very short, and is usually not accessible from the road.

The next time you get up there, you should be able just to make it past the guards without jumping down.

It takes some time, but once you’ve made it past them, you’re good to go.

If it’s just the guard that you’re going to beat up, you probably won’t have time to wait for the guards to respawn, so you’ll probably be able see the guard by the time you reach the next checkpoint.

You will have to fight off a few more guards before the checkpoint appears.

The last checkpoint is just below the bridge that leads out of the area between Fort Bridge and the capital.

The next time it’s open, you will see the checkpoint, and you can enter by using the shortcut.

There are several different ways you can access this checkpoint.

The fastest and easiest way is to take a shortcut to the east of Fort Buckners main entrance that leads through the fence that separates the Capital from the Wasteland.

You need to take the right-most shortcut at a checkpoint, then take the second-last shortcut that is just before the fence at


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