Which Australian hospital beds are now for rent?

Updated April 12, 2018 12:25:24 Auckland University Hospital (Auckland) has added more beds to its waiting list for patients who need beds in the coming weeks.

Auckland Hospital Trust, which owns the Auckland Hospital, has set aside beds for more than 1,500 people who are not yet on a waiting list.

The trust is planning to add more beds on top of its existing 3,500 beds to help people who need additional care in Auckland.

A lot of our beds are not being used, but we’ve also had to take them out of storage so that we can use them and help patients that have been left behind.

The beds have to be removed from storage to be taken into use, said a spokesman.

It’s not clear when the additional beds will be added to the Auckland Waiting List. “

They will be able then see what’s in the waiting list and we will be working with the hospital to try and keep that number of beds open.”

It’s not clear when the additional beds will be added to the Auckland Waiting List.

The Auckland Hospital has an additional bed capacity of more than 5,000 patients.

This includes those who are in intensive care units and who are at higher risk of complications.

The hospital said it would be using the extra beds to ensure its patients were taken care of.

“The Auckland Hospital Trust is a major contributor to the health system of New Zealand, providing a range of services to our communities,” it said.

“With this new addition of additional beds, we are able to meet a much greater demand for services.”

New Zealanders are required to pay $818.25 a week for their healthcare in New Zealand.

More to come.


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