How to Get Your Finger-Lickin’ On, Baby: How to Survive The New York City Death Toll

If you want to survive the new year, it might be wise to know some simple tips. 

But if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who will soon be on the road to recovery, don’t be so easily swayed. 

It’s a fact of life in 2017, that a few days away from the start of the year means the end of hope for most of us. 

As of this writing, there are already more than 4,400 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York state, with an additional 1,300 cases being confirmed. 

If you want some tips on how to survive this year, we’ve rounded up a list of things you can do to help make your life better, and make your city safer.1.

Learn the latest news and trends about coronaviruses, coronaviral disease, and related issues, and read it aloud to yourself as you write.

This will help you understand and be prepared for any new news you might encounter. 


Stay up-to-date on the latest coronaviroca news. 


Find out how to get the flu vaccine, if you have it. 4.

Watch out for flu symptoms: For those of you who are already sick, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and take some medication, it’s a good idea to keep a diary. 


Learn to protect yourself. 


Don’t eat meat or fish: A lot of people are still in denial about how deadly coronaviolosis can be, and even when you do understand how serious it can be for you, you’ll still want to stay away from it.

If you have to go, make sure you’re prepared with proper hygiene, and don’t eat, drink, or smoke any meat or seafood, unless you’re a doctor.7.

Don�t wear masks: Masks make you more likely to get sick, but they can also make it harder for you to find the right mask. 


Get vaccinated: There are currently more than 100,000 doses of vaccine available in the U.S. and more than 30,000 worldwide. 


Get tested for COVID-19: The CDC says if you get a cold or flu and you have a COVID infection, get tested for coronavivirus before you go out. 


Keep an eye on your loved ones: Your loved ones need your protection, and if you want them to get well, they need you to keep an eye out for any signs of illness. 


Take precautions for yourself: When you go shopping, take extra precautions to make sure that your purse doesn’t fall out of your purse, and you wear gloves when you go to the bathroom. 


Make sure you wash your hands: If the flu has you worried about your hands, there’s an extra precaution to take. 


Get a vaccine: You can get your first shot from a vaccine store or online. 


Don`t take any new medication: Unless you’re the doctor who gave you the flu shot, it is unlikely that you’ll be getting any more medication during this time of year. 


Watch for any other new or emerging coronavievirus infections: Although coronavavirals can cause pneumonia and other serious respiratory infections, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about your immune system and the viruses that may be circulating in your body. 


If any of these tips don’t work for you and you’re in the NYC area, don`t hesitate to call your doctor or health department. 


Read up on your own health: As we all know, coronivirus can be a serious illness that can affect your health and well-being. 

Do you have tips for keeping your home and workplace safe, and staying healthy during the new pandemic? 

What other tips have you found? 

Check out our full list of top 10 tips below. 

What to do if you suspect you have COVID:1.

Stay hydrated: Keep hydrated. 

Take in water and salt regularly. 

Get a good night’s sleep and keep a log of the times you feel sick. 

Stay hydrated for as long as possible, but don’t overdo it.2.

Wear masks:  If you get an infection from COVID, do not wear masks. 

Use a mask if you need to stay hydated, if possible. 

A mask is designed to help protect you from inhaling the virus. 

Try to wear it when you’re out and about, and avoid the ones you have on hand. 

Make sure you have an easy way to get a mask.3.

Get test results:

5-year-old boy hospitalized after hospital accident

A 5-month-old girl was injured after being hit by a car near a downtown Hamilton, Ohio hospital, the city’s fire department said Friday.

The toddler was transported to a hospital in a critical condition with serious injuries, Hamilton Fire Department Lt.

Mike Rucker said.

A passenger in a white sedan also was struck.

The child was not hurt.

Rucker did not have any other details.

The driver of the car that struck the toddler was not injured.

The incident occurred around 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday near the intersection of Interstate 70 and Interstate 80.

The Hamilton Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to the scene and found a white vehicle struck by a black sedan at the intersection.

The vehicle was then driven by another vehicle and hit by another car, according to the fire department.

The two drivers were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the fire chief said.

Ruckers statement said the two cars have been impounded.

Hamilton is about 40 miles south of Columbus.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Why is it taking so long to bring back the Boston Marathon?

The city of Boston is taking another step toward recovering from the marathon bombings, and its chief medical officer is urging people to be patient as she tries to get them back on their feet.

In a conference call Tuesday, Dr. John Fennell said the city would release data from its Marathon and other health data to show how many of its residents are in serious or life-threatening conditions.

Fennell did not specify how many people will need to be in serious condition to get back on the job, or when those will be released.

Boston has about 7,600 beds for the city’s more than 13,000 patients.

That compares with a national average of more than 15,000 beds.

Freenell said there is a “very good chance” that people with serious health issues will get back into the city in the coming weeks.

The calls are being held as Boston begins to recover from the bombings and its coronavirus-related deaths.

The city’s Office of Emergency Management said Monday that it had received nearly 9,000 calls from Boston area residents about possible exposure to the virus, with most of them from residents living outside of the city.

The city is working on a plan to provide clean water, power and other services for people with respiratory illnesses, but the efforts are far from over.

Fennel said Monday the city has “some work to do” on those plans.

Flynn L. Miller, a Boston University medical professor who has been monitoring coronaviruses for about three years, said the situation is not going to get better quickly.

“There is not a lot of urgency about it,” he said.

“I think what is going to happen is we’re going to have to wait for another few weeks or months, maybe even longer.

It’s a slow process.”

The city said Monday it had begun releasing information about coronavirence cases that are expected to have been reported in recent days.


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