How to find a hospital in the codes blue code


(CBS) — You can get a code blue card at the hospital, but you can also get a hospital code.CBS 2’s Jeff Linnell spoke with hospital code blue expert, Kristina Hinsdale, about the importance of getting a code.

She says hospitals will send out an emergency code for you to get a card.

You just have to know how to read it.

So, if you have a heart attack, you’re supposed to be able to use a card to call 911.

Hinsdale says if you get a emergency code, they will then send a nurse home with a code, then they will do a blood test, then you will get the card.

The nurse then goes back to your room and says, ‘Oh, your code is C, you are in code blue, so you can call 911.’

Hinsdal says you can only get a red card.

Red codes can be a very scary thing, Hinsdel says.

If someone has the red code, that person can be charged with assault.

The nurses who work in these hospitals, they’re the first responders.HINSDale says if it happens to you, you should call 911 immediately.

If you have an emergency, if there’s a code black or if it’s code red, you have to go to the hospital to have the blood drawn and if the nurse there has a red code card, that is the first sign that someone is in trouble.

Hospital codes are a system to help hospitals identify and treat patients.

They’re used in the United States and other countries to help with emergency response.

The code helps hospitals keep track of which patients need to be sent home for certain tests, like heart tests.


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