‘Weird’ video shows hospital staff working overtime to treat an injured patient

A YouTube video has emerged of nurses, doctors and medical staff working extra hours to treat a critically ill patient at Providence Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.

According to the video, which has been viewed over 3 million times, a man in his 40s with a history of heart attacks was admitted to hospital on October 1st, but was taken to a different facility on October 3rd after suffering an attack.

The man, who has not been identified, suffered severe chest pain and had blood in his urine.

The hospital said the man had been transferred to the intensive care unit and that the hospital was not aware of any other patients at the hospital.

The video was posted on Wednesday and has since gone viral, with hundreds of comments.

One of the nurses said she was “so sick to my stomach” after the incident, which she described as “horrific” and “really weird”.

“I mean, it’s really weird to see these people doing this,” she told the Providence Journal.

The nurse added that her colleague, who is also a nurse, was the one who pulled the patient out of the ICU.

“She’s like, ‘I’m sorry we’re doing this, but I think this is what you’re going through’,” the nurse said.

“That’s what we do every day at work.

And she just didn’t understand.”

The video shows a nurse trying to help the man, while another nurse and a doctor take a look at the patient’s chest.

“I just want to get that man out of there,” the nurse says.

“We’re doing our best.”

However, the nurses and doctors do not respond to the man’s request for help.

Instead, they proceed to try to administer his intravenous fluids and do what they can to revive him.

In the end, the man is able to be discharged.

“It’s just like a miracle,” the woman said.

The woman said she believed the hospital’s “poor judgment” to have made the decision to keep the patient in the ICUs for longer than was necessary.

“I’m so sick to this stomach right now, I can’t even say this word,” she said.

“This is just so wrong.

It’s just really weird.”

The Best New Medical School Candidates in NYC 2018

New York City has become a hotbed for medical school candidates this year.

As of February 20, there were more than 400 medical schools in the city.

New York state has more than 1,400 medical schools, according to a state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

While some schools are expanding their programs, others are adding a new program.

These programs typically focus on health care-related topics, such as pediatrics, psychiatry and pediatrics.

Some schools also offer programs for women.

Some of the best medical schools open early.

These schools typically open early to allow students to start working towards their doctorate.

Here’s a look at some of the top medical schools opening early in 2018.

When the Storm Hits: Memorial Regional Hospitalized

MCLaren Hospitalized for Storm Injury, Storm Hits in Memorial article The Storm Hits Memorial Regional Health System with at least three patients hospitalized after being struck by a large hail storm.MCLaren was hit hard by a hail storm that hit the hospital in the vicinity of the University of Missouri on Friday.

The storm hit at 5:52 a.m. and was centered about 100 miles west of the city of St. Louis.

One patient was in critical condition, according to hospital officials.

The other patients were in stable condition.

The hospital was closed to all but the emergency services.

The department is on a “severely limited capacity” due to the storm.

St. Louis County Sheriff James Craig said a man and woman were also injured in the storm and were expected to survive.

The man is in critical, Craig said.

The storm also caused a power outage, with power outages being reported in parts of St, Louis and surrounding communities.

A number of businesses were closed or temporarily closed, including several McDonald’s restaurants and a gas station.

In addition, the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Office says a woman and child were injured by falling debris from the roof of a building.

No fatalities were reported.

More than 10 injured after car ploughs into Southwestern Hospital in North Wales

More than ten people were treated in hospital on Friday for minor injuries after a car ploughed into a hospital in North Welsh.

The accident happened on Friday afternoon at the Southwestern Health Centre in North Wales, just off the coast of Carmarthenshire.

It happened just after 3pm and there were no other injuries.

A spokesman for North Wales Ambulance Service said it had taken 11 people to the emergency department after they had been admitted to hospital.

The hospital’s emergency department is a large facility, which can accommodate up to 40 patients, and the majority of those are in stable condition, he said.

“The initial investigation suggests that there may have been an airbag deployment in the area and the vehicle may have hit a barrier,” he said, adding that the accident is still being investigated.

“We’re looking at the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine what happened.”

North Wales Ambolgic is currently treating the injured at a hospital nearby.

How to get the most out of your visit to a hospital in the northern US

How do you feel about a hospital?

We asked a group of readers to pick their favorite hospitals in the country.

We also asked them to tell us how they got their best visit so far.

Here are the answers.


St. Francis Medical Center, Bronx, New York: This New York City hospital is famous for being one of the oldest in the nation and has been in the hospital business since 1877.

They have seen a rise in the number of cases of acute respiratory syndrome (ARDS) over the past few years and the hospital has an aggressive approach to improving conditions for patients.

A number of them are being moved to a new facility in an attempt to bring more air in to patients and their environment, according to Dr. Richard DeCarlo, one of their doctors.


St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee: This Memphis hospital is a home for children who have been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

They also have a number of other medical facilities for kids and families.

The pediatric ICU, in particular, is a favorite place for the children to be taken to, so it’s no surprise that the hospital is in a state of flux as more children come in for their care.


University of Arizona Hospital, Tucson, Arizona: This hospital has been a leader in ALS research for decades and has recently been making strides in treating ALS patients.

In 2017, they moved their entire ICU to the University of Utah.


University Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas: This Texas hospital is known for its advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities, as well as its close-knit community.

The hospital has received an award from the White House to be a “Global Health Hub.”


University Health Network, San Diego, California: This San Diego hospital has a reputation for being among the safest hospitals in all of Southern California, with some of the most rigorous medical procedures being performed at the hospital.


Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois: This Chicago hospital has had some of its most successful cases in recent years.

It’s also home to the nation’s largest population of ALS patients, and the center is the primary care home for patients with severe cases of the disease.


Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, New Jersey: This renowned hospital has seen a tremendous increase in the past decade in cases of ALS, and it’s still in a transitional phase in the way it is treating ALS.

It has recently started to recruit patients from other parts of the country, and there’s also a lot of research happening to understand the causes of the disorder.


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New England, Massachusetts: This cancer center has had a very high success rate in treating patients with ALS, as seen by the number they’ve reported.

It also has an extensive ALS research program, which is one of its core competencies.


Ohio State University Hospital, Columbus, Ohio: This Columbus hospital is the heart of Ohio, home to one of Ohio’s most prominent ALS research centers.


University Hospital of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina: This Durham, North Carolinians hospital has also seen an increase in ALS cases, but the results are less conclusive than in other areas of the state.


Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: This Pittsburgh hospital has some of America’s best medical care, including the ALS center, and has seen more ALS cases in the last few years than other hospitals in North Carolina.


Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, and Children’s Mercy Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have been named the top five ALS hospitals in America by Forbes Magazine.


Mount Auburn Hospital in Memphis, Alabama, has seen some of those ALS cases and has also been named one of America, Forbes magazine has ranked it in the top 50 hospitals in ALS.


University Hospitals of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina: The South Carolina facility has also had a lot to offer, including a lot in terms of research, clinical care and technology.


Vanderbilt University Medical School, Nashville, Tennessee, has been among the best ALS hospitals nationally.


Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, has the second-best overall rankings in the United States for ALS care.


Emory University Medical Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, has had the most ALS cases at the university, but is the only other hospital in Atlanta to have received the top spot.


The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has taken home the top ranking for ALS in the U.S. for the past three years, but has the highest ALS incidence in the world.


Memorial Hermann-St. Louis Medical Center (MHSM), Kansas City, Missouri, has one of a handful of other hospitals that is not ranked. 20. St


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