When Hurricane Irene hits New York City, hospitals will shut down for the night

NEW YORK — As Hurricane Irenee makes landfall in New York on Saturday, the New York state Department of Health will shut its entire hospital system down from 9 p.m.

Saturday through 5 a.m., shutting down all medical facilities except the hospital where doctors work, hospitals that provide critical care services and a nursing home.

The hospital system will reopen in the afternoon, but New York State Department of Hospitals and Clinics will remain closed until 7 p.

Which animal hospital is the best in Ireland?

The top animal hospital in Ireland has been awarded the honour of being named Ireland’s top animal care home for 2018 by the Irish Veterinary Association.

The St Francis Hospital in the Dublin suburb of Kilmainham was given the award by the association.

St Francis is home to more than 6,000 animals.

The award was given by St Francis Animal Hospital’s chief executive, Dr Kevin Kavanagh.

The top animal animal hospital for 2018 was named St Francis, the St Francis animal hospital, the winner of a national vote.

The winners of the national vote were St John’s Veterinary Hospital, The University of Limerick Veterinary Hospital and The Dublin Zoo.

The hospital also won the award for Best Animal Hospital in Dublin for 2019.

St John’s received the top award for the third year running, followed by The University Veterinary Hospital.

Dr Kavanagha said it was great to be recognised for being the best animal hospital.

He said it gave him and his staff a lot of confidence and encouragement to continue the good work that we do.

The awards were handed out in an online poll by the VHA.

The vote was taken from the veterinary profession and the vote will be announced at a later date.


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